Friday, April 27, 2007

Money, Money, Money!

Money, what is money? Money is just a token to faciliate exchange of goods. When human society was still in its primitive stage, there was no money. People exchanged goods with each other to meet their needs. As productivity increased, people found that they couldn't get what they wanted easily by simply exchanging goods, there came the Money. Money itself has no value, its value is only realised when it is spent!

Asia's richest woman, Ms Nina Wong, who just passed away a few weeks ago, had an estimated total asset of $46 billion dollars, yet her monthly expenses was said to be only HK$3000! Her frugal life was well known. She won the fierce battle with her father-in-law, but lost the battle to cancer, leaving behind a business empire to trigger yet another fierce battle. What were all these for, I asked myself, but there was no answer.

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