Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that sells winter clothes, including jackets, thermal underwear, etc.  My first encounter with them was during my trip to Tokyo last year.  They were selling thermal underwear at very reasonable prices.  I got one each for my parents.  Their feedback is not too bad.

When I was shopping around in Narita Terminal 1 yesterday, I found they have a shop on Level 4 too, and they are having some kind of sales.  I found one premium down jacket, very nice and stylish.  The original price is ~10,000 yen, after discount, it is 7990 yen.  How can I miss this opportunity?  Of course I bought the jacket without any hesitation.  Together with the jacket, I also bought my other thermal underwear too.  Just perfect for my upcoming trekking trip.

The even better news is that Uniqlo is opening their doors in Singapore too.  I just checked, the same premium down jacket is going at S$149.00, while 7990 yen is around S$129.00.  Haha.... a small little S$20.00 discount :P

You can find more information about Uniqlo at their website:

I personally like their products a lot.  The design is slim, simple, & stylish.  Give them a try if you are looking for some winter clothing, or any clothes in general.

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