Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ichiban Boshi @ NEX

Another colleague's farewell lunch.  This time we went to Ichiban Boshi @ NEX.  It is a small little restaurant tucked in some un-noticed place, I almost missed it right in front of its doorsteps.

I ordered yellow tail sushi (Hamachi).  The sushi looks good, delicious, but when I tasted it, well, it is not really that fantastic.  On the below average side.

My boss ordered the Salmon Set.  It looks pretty ok, and the portion is reasonable.  Not too much, but still filling.

My order, Don-don Wazen, probably is the most value for money set meal.  It comes with two bowls of rice!  The rice with raw salmon is not bad.  They added some kind of oil in the rice, and makes the rice tastes good.  But the unagi with egg is quite a let-down.  They can do better with this.  Two bowls of rice is in fact a bit too much, even for a guy.   If you are going there with your girl friend, maybe you can share one set of Don-don Wazen, and then plus some other smaller dishes.

For me, the food in this restaurant is just average, but the price is reasonable, so it is not too bad if you just want to eat something to get your stomach filled.

My Rating: 3/5

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