Monday, September 19, 2011

New Menu @ Wong Kok

Went over to JB again last Saturday and enjoyed a hearted meal at Wong Kok Restaurant, a Hongkong Tea House kind of restaurant.  For a while, I was already bored with the food they offered, as the menu was always the same, no new stuff, until recently.  They came up with some new dishes, which are more western oriented, such as lamb chop, chicken chop, etc.  It is a set menu, a lamb chop set meal offers you a lamb chop, obviously, plus a choice of drinks of tea, coffee, or fruit juice, a soup, a dessert and a piece of garlic bread, for a grand total price of RM 23.00.  It is quite a good price, comparing with Botak Jones' lamb chop of ~S$15.00, and your neighbourhood food court lamb chop of around S$7.90-8.50.

The taste of the food is not bad.  The lamb chop is tender and juicy.

I quite like their dessert.  It must have some plum as its ingredient, and really enhances your appetite.

I had already had this particular set meal twice, and I am still loving it. :)

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