Monday, December 5, 2011

Wisdoms of Life

Reading a book titled Wisdom of Life, by German author Arthur Schopenhauer.  Strictly speaking, it is not a book, but an excerpt from a book of Schopenhauer.

The author discussed about life and happiness.  Life for the poor is filled with daily struggle to get food on the table, all else to them is secondary.  Life for the rich is filled with boredom.  They have to constantly look for new things, new adventures to keep themselves interested and feel alive.  The author advocates happiness can only be found, for both the poor and rich, middle class included, by obtaining spiritual satisfaction.

In his book, he bluntly exposed the hypocrite's moral standards which are generally accepted in society.

The truth told by the author is plain, direct, frank, and dark.  It somehow paints a very dark picture of human life, a life without much hope.  No wonder he has been considered to be a pessimist in history.

It is a good read, but just don't get too carried away by his pessimism.

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