Saturday, February 11, 2012

Invest Wisely in 2012 with Dr Alexander Elder

This morning, I attended an investment seminar with Dr Alexander Elder at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

Dr Elder shared with the audience some interesting perspectives.

1. Valuing  shares is like valuing your house.  How do you know what price your apartment can command?  Probably you will look at the price of the one above your floor, the one below your floor, and then you take an average of the two.  Moving average is like the average of your house price.  If share price is above the moving average, then you know now it is above its value.  Quite an interesting analogy.

2. When looking at a stock, always look at it in 2 time frames, for example, weekly & daily charts.  Use weekly chart to get the big picture, then daily chart for buy/sell decision.

3. Risks:  Information risk vs money risk.  Information risk refers to information on which direction the stock will go; money risk refers to your target price and stop-loss price and size.

4. We are now in the early phase of the 3rd stage of the recovery story.  This is the best stage and stock prices will soar.

There were other presenters at the seminar too.  One is Mr Joshua Tan from Phillip's Security.  He depicted a gloomy picture of 2012, reason being Euro Zone's debt crisis, China's slow down, and the fake American recovery.  In Mr Tan's opinion, the good news coming out from USA has already peaked.  QE3 will come no matter what.

The seminar came at a price of S$48 at the door, S$38 if you purchased the ticket online.  There are many other options, including a bring-a-friend price of S$18.  For me, I paid S$28 after a S$10 discount by Phillip's Security.

This seminar definitely is interesting, but at S$28, it is slightly on the high side of cost.  Anyway, my objective is just to see Dr Elder in person and listen to his talk.  Objective achieved :)

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