Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mobile Photography

It has been, again, long time since I last blog about microstock.  To say the least, not doing well.  We saw one of the major players Shutterstock's stock price went up from USD20.00 plus to USD60.00, making its founder Jon a billionaire, but as an ordinary contributor, I am not doing well.  Number of downloads has one direction to go, that's down.

Then I bumped into this announcement by one of microstock's best guy, Yuri' announcement of him pulling all his images out from all other microstock agencies and go exclusive with Istock.  In addition, he pointed to a new thread to microstock - mobile photography.

Almost every mobile phone in this world has a camera attached to it.  The image quality is getting better and better by each new generation of mobile phones.

Now there is even a microstock-like website -, where you can create a photo request, and people can respond to your photo request almost instantly.  Take a look at the website.  The photos are not picture perfect, but don't they look like the quality of images when microstock first started?

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