Friday, September 27, 2013

It Pays to Do Your Price Comparison

I must say I am not a very price sensitive guy.  If I want to buy something, I will just buy the item when I see it, as long as the price is within reasonable range.  Never did I realize even for small items, the price difference can still be quite a lot.

For example, I like the Nin Jiom herbal candy (original).  The small can at Watson's goes for $3.30 as its normal price.  In the period of discount, it is $3.00, as 10% discount.  Just a few steps across Watson's, at Unity, you can buy the same can for $2.95, as its normal price!

The absolute difference is very small, just 5 cents in one case, and 35 cents in the worst case, but still it shows how prices can vary on some minor items that you thought the price was universal!

It really pays to do some price comparisons, even though the amount can be small, let alone the big items who may cost you thousands of dollars.

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