Sunday, April 20, 2014

Au Chocolate Marina Bay Sands

A friend introduced this casual French dining restaurant called Au Chocolate to me on Saturday.  The restaurant is tucked into the end of Marina Bay Sands Shoppe's level 1.  It is on the same level when people come in from Art Science Museum.  Ignorant me, I had never noticed this restaurant.

Apparently this restaurant is quite popular.  Online reservation was full 2 days before.  And upon my visit, indeed a lot of tables had been reserved.  Luckily, they always have some tables for walk-in customers, and we were there early!


The restaurant attempts to create a French retro feel, maybe Louis IV era?  The ceiling is decorated with elaborate fresco, which is not common for restaurants in Singapore.

Water is chargeable, so I decided to go for coffee instead.

Coffee, S$6.00++/cup

The taste is decent.  Probably I had got too used to the strong fragrance of Italian coffee, so this is not so much a prop to my senses.

Duck Confit, S$28++

My order was duck confit.  What is a duck confit?  Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Duck confit (Frenchconfit de canard French pronunciation: ​[kɔ̃.fi d(ə) ka.naʁ]) is a French dish made with the leg of the duck. While it is made across France, it is seen as a speciality of Gascony. The confit is prepared in a centuries-old process of preservation that consists of salt curing a piece of meat (generally goose, duck, or pork) and then cooking it in its own fat.
To prepare a confit, the meat is rubbed with salt, garlic, and sometimes herbs such as thyme, then covered and refrigerated for up to 36 hours. Salt-curing the meat acts as a preservative.

I was pleasantly surprised that the duck meat was not unpleasantly salty, even though it had been salt cured.  The meat was tender, the skin was crispy, but then being a health conscious guy, I still didn't eat the whole duck skin, just a bit to test its crispiness.  In terms of portion, it is just nice for me, full in the stomach but will not cause any discomfort.

King's Breakfast, S$26++

My friend got the King's breakfast.  The portion was big, the presentation was colorful and appetitizing.

Just when you think this might be a French restaurant operated by some enterprising French, it is actually a Singaporean operated restaurant, started by Singaporeans and sustained by Singaporeans.  It is quite an interesting place.

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