Sunday, April 12, 2015

Journey to Gold Coast! - Day 6: Nerang River Cruise

The pier for Nerang River cruise is at back of Appel Park.  It is not very noticeable if you don't look really hard.

The cruise ship is a two-decker.  The lower deck is fully air-conditioned, and it is also the place where you have your lunch buffet.  The price for the 2-hour lunch buffet cruise is AUD$55/pax.
The upper deck is open air, with no cover to block your view.  It is good for photography enthusiasts

Seating is assigned.  When you board the ship, tell them your name, and a crew member will lead you to your table.  Table is set, and there is a piece of paper showing you the route we are going to take.

Buffet starts right away when the ship starts.  Most of the dishes are just salads, but they do have some meat dishes, such as chicken, ham, and trawler prawns.  The trawler prawns are definitely the star of the buffet.  They are fresh, sweet, tasty and big!  Here is a sampling plate for you to drool :)

As the ship moves, the guide will also explain to you the scenes that you will see.  People living along the Nerang River in Gold Coast are the rich and famous.  You can the home of one of them in the photo below.

And you can enjoy some great views of Surfers Paradise from another angle.

If you come to Gold Coast and have the money, a lunch cruise on the Nerang River is a must-do!

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