Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant @ Carlton Hotel

Wah Lok seems to be a very famous restaurant for Cantonese dim sum.  For many years, I had tried to eat there but always told that the place had been fully booked.  This time, I made a reservation 1 week in advance, and I was lucky enough to get a table.

The restaurant opens at 11.30am on Saturday.  For lunch, they have two sessions.  The first session starts at 11.30am, ends at 1.00pm, the second session starts at 1pm, till 2.30pm.

When I arrived at 11.25am, there was already a small crowd in front of the restaurant waiting for it to open, and most, if not all, of them already made their reservation before hand.

Appetizer $4.00

Once I told them my reservation, a staff ushered me to the table right away.  Appetizer already ready on the table.  Their appetizer is quite uncommon, it consists of carrots, reddish, and apple slices, marinated, I think, in orange juice.

My friend was late, so I made the decision to order a whole chunk of dishes :)

Chicken Feet, $5.00

Xiao Long Bao, $6.90

Malay Cake, $4.80

Custard Bun, $5.40

For Malay cake, I still prefer the one from Tim Ho Wan more.  Wah Lok's is not as fragrant and sponge, somehow something is amiss.

Roast Pork, $15.00

The staff there recommended their roast pork.  When it came, I was quite surprised - 9 tiny cubes!  $15 for 9 cubes, so it is $1.67 for each cube!  In terms of taste, the skin is of course very crispy, but then other than that, I can't tell any difference from a less expensive, or 'ordinary' roast pork.  Mmmh...

Siew Mai (steamed pork dumpling), $6.90

For Cantonese dim sum, you can't not to order siew mai, so I did.  Wah Lok's siew mai saves the day.  It is the best siew mai that I have had.  Siew mai from other places tend to have thick skins, and stuffed with lots of flour, but stingy on the real fillings of pork and prawn.  Here, it is all the opposite, thin on the skin, flour is almost minimum, but generous on the prawn and pork fillings.  What makes a real difference is the biting sensation of the prawn.  The prawn kind of pops in your mouth.  It is firm, it is fresh.  The pork, as a supporting actor, brings out the freshness and sweetness of the prawn.  It is a perfect combination.  Such effect can only be achieved with the best ingredients.

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