Wednesday, December 25, 2019

How to Get to R & F Mall Johor Bahru

R & F Mall is a new shopping mall in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, by the developer of R & F Princess Cove, which is a Guangzhou, China based real estate developer.  The mall was soft launched back in March 2019, and now it is already December, so I decided to check it out this Christmas.

Access to the mall is pretty convenient.  Once you come out from the Malaysian CIQ building, you will see JB Sentral.  Don't go there, turn left instead.  You will see a link bridge, and the entrance is where my blue arrow is pointing in the picture below.

At the start of the link bridge, you will see a small signboard indicating that it is the way to R & F Mall. 

You follow the link bridge and keep walking. 

After walking for about 15 minutes, you will find R & F Mall right in front of you.

It is very simple, isn't it?  In my next blog post, I will share with you more about R & F Mall.  

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