Sunday, July 13, 2008

Double Exposure

Title: Double Exposure
Author: Carol Smith
Publisher: Warner Books (Reprinted 1999)

Carol Smith obviously has a keen eye for modern life, urban life of the singles above 30, to be more precise. In her novel, she softly describes what those people's life is like to great details.

The apartment was still and as silent as she had left it, the morning
mail strewn across the breakfast counter but no friendly message light
winking to welcome her home. ..... What sort of a life was this, working
all hours yet with nothing to come home to?

Does this lament of Merrily, a high-flyer at Chase Manhattan Bank, sound familiar to you?

What a pathetic pair we are, to be sure, she sometimes reflected as she
microwaved her solitary supper while she watched EastEnders. Working
ourselves into an early grave, letting real life pass us by.

This is another description that I like. Realistic reflection of the modern urban life.

The story started with Jo, a junior medical doctor having holidays alone in a West Indies island. She got to meet news friends Vincent, Lowell, Jessica, Merrily, and mother & daughter Cora Louise & Fontaine. They hit off with each other well, and a tradition began for them to meet one week before Christmas at the same island every year. As they got closer with each other, they started to visit each other's home and had gatherings in different parts of the world.

Just when you think everything is rosy & cosy, a murder mystery had already been woven into the story seemlessly. First it was Vincent, then Jo's ex-boyfriend, Sebastian, was murdered. Merrily was cheated and was fired by Mother Chase. Bad things happened to the group. Hints were given along the way, but the murder was only revealed at the very last chapter of the novel.

I must say this is well-written story.

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