Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First $28 EL Sales at ShutterStock

Surprise surprise, when I logged in my Shutterstock account this morning, the stats page says I have 5 downloads so far for the day. Not a very exciting number. Then I looked at the photos downloaded, and saw some red characters in bigger fonts beside one of the photos. I rubbed my still sleepy, blurry eyes, guessing what kind of error message it would be, then I read "Enhanced license sale"!
I never expected this photo will get an enhanced license sales. Beautiful sky, crystal clear water, wonderful architecture, indeed, but there are also so many half naked tourists sun-bathing, sun-tanning out there.
Anyway, this is my very first EL sales after they raised the EL payout from $20 to $28 in May. A positive surprise, happy! ^_^

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