Monday, October 19, 2009

Super Trader

Title: Super Trader
Author: Van Tharp

This is Dr. Van Tharp's latest book on investment, hot from the shelf. It is a small book which has only 200+ pages.

It serves as a skeleton of all of Van Tharp's work on trading, with special emphasis on trading psychology and position sizing.

Reading this book won't make you a super trader, but if you can follow his advice, you may become one. However, as the material in this book is just a summary of Dr Tharp's work, if you really want to follow his advice, you need to get some of his other works. For example, to really work effectively on psychology, in my opinion, you should get his Peak Performance course.

Dr Tharp's advice is both simple and difficult. Simple as you just need to have the right psychology, and good position sizing, then voila, you are on your way to great trading success. Difficult in the sense that we all have that small little devil in ourselves. We will have fear, greed, and emotions, which are all enemies to your own success.

I highly recommend this book to all who want to be successful in investing.

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