Sunday, June 6, 2010

Itacho Sushi (板长寿司)@ Ion Orchard

Dinner at Itacho Sushi @ Ion Orchard last night.  Their shop deco is cosy but simple, without anything special.  The sushi bar seats are quite narrow.  Staff taking delivery from the sushi chef will constantly rub shoulders with you, so it is better to have a proper table for yourselves.  Most of their key staff are from Hong Kong, you can hear Cantonese conversations often.

In terms of sushi, I think it is not too bad.  At least I can have a reproduction of those tastes that I experienced when I was in Japan.  Price-wise, it is a bit on the more expensive side, but looking at the menu, you won't expect anything cheap in the first place.

This is the foie gras sushi.  It looks like a piece of meat, tastes like a piece of liver.  I have no prior experience with foie gras, so I can't really compare, but for myself, I don't think I will order this sushi again.  It leaves no special impression on my taste buds.

This is something I have never seen before.  Unagi (eel) served on sushi rice in an ashtray?  When you order this dish, don't be fooled or have the wrong impression that the rice portion is big enough to make you full.  The portion of rice is no more than the portion of a normal sushi. 

Ok, what is more important is the taste.  The unagi is good!  I like it very much.  It melts in your mouth.  Tender, soft, juicy. 

Here you see another unagi, but the size is much bigger.  I ordered this because once I had something similar in Tokyo.  This unagi is also good, but not as good as the one I had in Tokyo.  Maybe that was a different fish (conger?).  Anyway, I still like this unagi very much.  Unagi is my soft spot.  Seems like I like all unagi.

Here are some of the other dishes we ordered.  They all look & taste good.  Freshness, tenderness are too salient commonalities among them. 

There are other interesting dishes on the menu, which we didn't try, including sea urchin.  I must try it next time. 

For a party of two, do expect to foot a bill of ~$60.00 to have enough food for you to feel full. 

I do find this restaurant worth the money I spend and will most probably return in the future.  Hopefully their standard won't drop :)

Their address is:

Itacho Sushi
B2-18, Ion Orchard
Tel: 6509 8911

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