Saturday, February 19, 2011

Counting my Blessings

In difficult times, you should count your blessings, in good times, you should also count my blessings.  Chinese New Year is just over, and it is a good time to count my own blessings.

I have loving parents.  They are not wealthy or smart or extraordinary, but they love me unconditionally, whole-heartily.  Sometimes their love is causing lots of trouble for me, and not really the way I would want it, but then, still, they love me, no doubt about it.

I am very lucky to have good bosses in my work.  My former boss FHS and current boss HHC, are both persons with lots of ideas, persons of great integrity.  They are knowledgeable but yet lenient.  It has been a great experience working for them.

Then my colleagues are great too.  Mr Summer, is like god-sent.  Difficult to find someone who is both willing and capable, and at the same time, of integrity.  KL is another god-sent, he has all that qualities of Mr Summer, plus he is caring.  Mr Corn, our investment guru, who taught many of us the principles of investment and make many of our colleagues a lot richer, having a much bigger bonus from the investment world than from our work.  It greatly helps to alleviate our anxiety to work for money.

On personal front, I have great friends like Ms Zhou who enthusiastically help me look for a g/f, so does Mr Liu.  My dear dear elder sistor Ms Y, who is always on my side and ready to help me take care of all kind of chores.  Then HJ, a strange classmate of mine from university days.  Of course I can't forget Ms Purple, who is always willing to lend me her ears to listen to my complaints.

I am lucky to have a roof over my head in this world of rising property price.  At least I don't have to pay high rents and being at the mercy of the flatowner anymore.  I have been healthy, without any major illness, except the recent long-lasting flu.

I have not traveled to many places on planet earth.  Not as many as the savvy travelers, but a lot more than many.

I am grateful.  Life is beautiful, and we should look forward to an even better tomorrow.  ^_^

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  1. Dear Mr Wong,

    How can one uses the eyes to listen? *faints*