Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Health

It started on a rainy Saturday last December.  I went out with a new friend, bring her around Singapore, happily sightseeing.  Then after I came back home, this feeling of impending flu bothered me.  I got a flu.  Flu, no big deal, didn't think too much about it.  Then starting from running nose/blocked nose, to cough, to long lasting cough from that Saturday, throughout my trip to Jordan and Egypt at the end of December, then lasting through January, then Chinese New Year, and then it became worst in the last week.  Fever raised its ugly head after many many years.

I was really a bit scared, wondering what has happened.  The cough medicine is like no use, neither is the medicine for my blocked nose.

Until then did I realise how great it is to have good health.  Small little ailment is going to spoil your day, all the fun in life. 

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