Monday, May 30, 2011

Microstock: A Raise at Shutterstock

Well, after many long years, finally I received an email today from Shutterstock, saying that I have reached certain cumulative earnings, and now I have been promoted to a higher tier of the pay scale.  Congratulations to myself! :)  No matter what, it is still a milestone, and it is still something to celebrate :)  However, the problem is I seldom have the time, nor the once upon a time passion to photography anymore.  I still have photos from my Egypt and Jordan trip almost half a year ago, lying in the computer harddisk, waiting for me to bring them out for daylight.

Time to work harder, to get back my mojo?  Life is beautiful, and photography is one fantastic way of having the wonderful moments frozen in permanent memory.  It is great joy to see your work being appreciated by someone out there, putting your wonderful photograph to good use.  

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