Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getty Center

Getty Center is one of the most famous place for arts in Los Angeles.  It is situated atop a small hill, facing the Pacific Ocean.  It is also right next to freeway 405, so it is pretty convenient to get there.

The first place in Getty Center you will get to is the car park!  USD15 per entry!  Getty Center is free admission, but they didn't tell you parking is this expensive!    Once you come out of the car park, you need to take a short tram ride to get to the top of the hill, where the museum is located.

Tram Station and Rail

Once you come out of the tram, here is what is welcoming you to the museum.  There are quite a number of interesting statues for you to admire.

Getty Center is famous for its architecture.  Wandering around the courtyards, it feels really good.  The cold breeze in the deep of California's mild winter, the golden sunshine on the peaceful Pacific Ocean, and the wonderful garden.  Everything is so perfect, so peaceful.

Of course, out of all that, the most famous point of interest in Getty Center is the garden.  The plants are laid out in such a way that it kind of represents the ancient Chinese Ba Gua, derived from the mystic legendary book of I Ching.  

There is also a bit of fusion of east and west, in terms of architecture.

As a place for Art, somehow I find it interesting that whatever place that is for Art, a nude man somehow is necessary.

Out of the many many exhibits on display, what impressed me most were the beds!

Frankly speaking, I quite like Getty Center.  It is such a nice escape from the busy city life from one of the world's biggest cities.  It offers such tranquility and peace, it also lets you indulge in the wonderful world of arts.  

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