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Bergamo is a small city about 40km north of Milan.  There is a direct train from Milan central station to Bergamo, the journey is ~50 minutes.

Bergamo consists of two parts, upper and lower Bergamo.  Lower Bergamo is where the city centre is and it is also the modern part of the city, built on the plain of Lombardy.

The lower Bergamo's clock tower is a landmark that you can't miss.  It was an interesting tradition in ancient times in Bergamo for the wealthy families to build tower.  It is both used a display of wealth, as well as a form of defense, to fend off the potential attacks.  In this photo, you can also see the other half of Bergamo, upper Bergamo, which is built on the hill behind lower Bergamo.

Lower Bergamo still retains lots of its old charm, although it is modern.

 Modern Sculpture of St Peter's Martyrdom

Uppder Bergamo was built as a fortress.  In 17th century, when Venetians ruled over Bergamo, they added the high walls surrounding uppder Bergamo, as an added layer of defense.  In the old days, there were four city gates for uppder Bergamo, but now, only one survived, Porta di St Giacomo.

For myself, I imagine I would only see such ancient built structures in the movies!  But, then now it is right in front of my eyes.  It is both very real and very unreal.  This gate is also a vantage point to have an aerial view of the city down below, as well as the plain of Lombardy on a sunny day.

Piazza Vecchia, this small city center square, is the heart and soul of the upper city.

Architecture styles are from both medieval and Renaissance periods.  The churches surrounding this square have many treasures in arts.  Masters of yester years had left their great creations on this land.

Facade of Bergamo Duomo 

Upper Bergamo is also one of the most expensive places to buy a house in the world.  If you decide to forgo to take the cable car from lower to upper Bergamo and take the walk, you can admire the many expensive houses in the world, hidden in the greens.

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