Friday, August 9, 2013

Princely Treasures

Princely Treasures is a special exhibition now on at the National Museum of Singapore.  Selected collections of art from the House of Liechtenstein are on display.  It is a very good opportunity for people to have a glimpse into Europe's upper class' taste and interests.

As I always say, no art exhibition can do without a naked male, and here it is.  This is a bronze statue of probably St. Sebastian.  The exact identity of this nude male cannot be determined.  Experts speculate that it might be a statue of an ancient Greek god, and later modified to represent St Sebastian.

As usual, there are some fine daily objects on display, which is made of gold or silver or precious stones.  This particular one stands out from the rest.  Looking at it, what do you think it is?  What is it used for?  Make a guess and the answer will surprise you.  It is actually a wine container, and a music box, and a game set.  Once you wire it, the deer will start rotating like a music box.  When it stops, the person to whom the deer is pointing at will have to finish the wine that is hidden in the goddess on the deer.  Interesting, isn't it?

There are many oil paintings on display too.  Look at how skillful the artist is in painting this picture of fruits.  The fine details of the grapes, the lemon are nicely captured.  At a first glace, you may even mistake them to be the real stuff, not a painting.  Artists' attention to details and their skillful reproduction never stops amazing me.

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