Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ramen Play Novena

In one of my old posts (Ramen Play), I mentioned the rice, or don, from Ramen Play is not bad, and next time I should try their ramen.  There is a will, there will a way.  I got the chance to try their ramen last Wednesday at Novena.

I ordered the ramen with pig's chin meat (3 pieces).  I specifically pointed out how many pieces of meat is included.  If you would like to have more, there is a choice for 5 pieces, at a slightly higher price.

My ramen came with a pretty good presentation.  The onsen egg is just too tempting.  I started with the pig's chin meat.  It is supposed to be the best part of the pig.  As expected, the chin meat is good.  It is a bit salty, but it is much better than all the pig's chin meat I had tried before, in terms of saltiness.  Onsen egg is good too.  I wonder how they make such onsen eggs, as there is no onsen in Singapore (except the one in Sembawang).  It is so tender and smooth.  I have weakness when it comes to this kind of egg.

The ramen itself is not bad too.  It is a bit like Cantonese wanton noodle, it has quite a bit of strength.

Last but not least, the soup.  The soup, as I expected, has been customized for Singapore taste.  It is a lot less salty.  You can tell it has been somehow diluted, to make it less salty.  Well, I would say if they can keep the original soup but less salty, that would be much better.  Another question I have is I don't know whether they mass produce the soup from a central kitchen like The Soup Spoon.  I hope not, as that is too industrialized, and lacks personality of individual shops.

Overall, I would say it is not too bad for that kind of price.  Even in Johor, you may not get this kind of food for the same price.

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