Friday, November 21, 2014

Canton Paradize@Compass Point

We visited Canton Paradize at Compass Point on a Saturday for dinner.  We decided to arrive at 5pm, just to avoid the dinner crowd.  For their branch at Jcube, there was quite a queue usually on weekends.

Obviously our choice was right.  We were ushered in briskly and got a 4-person table for the two of us.  Plenty of vacant tables around.  Some of their staff took this less busy period to have their own dinner, before the dinner crowd comes in and to avoid working with an empty stomach.

Meatball Congee ($7.20)

First dish was meatball congee.  The congee was good, probably cooked with a traditional claypot.  The meatball was not that nice though.  Too much seasoning, which overwhelms the meat taste.

Roasted Duck ($13.80)

Xiao Long Bao ($4.60)

We also ordered roasted duck, traditionally a Beijing cuisine; and Xiao Long Bao, traditionally a Shanghai cuisine.

The sour plum sauce that came with the roasted duck complemented the roasted duck well.  The sour sauce also made you have good appetite for more food :)

Cheongfun with Prawn ($5.80)

My most favorite dish for the day was the Cheongfun with prawn.  Well, it is a traditionally Cantonese dish, and I am a Cantonese.  There is a natural bias toward Cantonese food.  The prawn was crispy, the Cheongfun skin was nice, just like those you have back home.

As Canton Paradise is part of the Paradise group, you can choose to become their member.  You pay $30 for the membership and get 30 points, which you can use to pay for your bill.  1 point is equivalent to S$1.00.  In addition, you get a 10% rebate every time you dine at any of the Paradise group of restaurants.  

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