Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hoshino Coffee

We arrived at Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura at 4.45pm on a Saturday.  There was already a short queue forming at the entrance.  One family and 3- 4 couples in front of us.  I was a bit surprised by its popularity.

They have a static display of the food on their menu at the entrance.  All the food looks very appetizing and the display helps the customers to decide what to order while they are waiting so to save time.  Good idea!

I ordered the signature Hoshino Spaghetti ($14.00).  It came with an egg, tomatoes, some leafy vegetables, ham, sausage and egg plant, top generously with fragrant sesame seeds.  And all these are simmered in olive oil.

For dessert, we ordered the double pan-cake ($12.00). It is nice to share this with a friend.  The cake is very fragrant.  The syrup added an extra dimension of the taste to it.

Last but not least, the famous hand drip Hoshino coffee ($5.80).

 The sip was pretty tasteless, and bland.  I was actually a bit disappointed with that.  However, as I took a second sip, and let it linger around my taste buds, a bitter sweet taste came.  It was very different from our normal coffee shop kopi-O or kopi-C.  I think they don't add margarine during the baking process of their coffee beans, that's why the coffee is more distinct.

Overall, it is a nice place for friends to gather and chit-chat over a cup of coffee.  The food is good value for money, considering the location and the settings.  Food portions are reasonable, enough to have a normal guy's stomach satisfied.

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