Monday, June 8, 2015

The Line@Shangri-la Singapore

We went to The Line @ Shangri-la to celebrate a friend birthday.  To book online, you can do it here.  Make sure you click on 'Book by Promotion', then choose '15% discount for online reservation'.  If you don't choose this option, you won't get the 15% discount even if you book online.

Seafood is always the first stop when I go for buffet.  They have a selection of Alaska crab legs, prawns, crabs, scallops, clams, and mussels.

Here is my first round :)  Their Alaska crab legs are good, definitely worth the money!  However, I notice that when it is towards the end of the buffet, sometimes the crab legs are not available, or even if available, there is a huge shrink in size.  So if you want to have good crab legs, come at 6pm, when they start the buffet.

They are said to have 16 different stations, but anyway I didn't really count the numbers.  I know they have Indian, Chinese, western, Japanese cuisines.

Their sashimi is not bad.  The roast beef is a bit too raw, too bloody for me.  The Chinese section offers black chicken ginseng soup, which is quite nice to have something hot.

The dessert station is good.  Somehow I like most of their cakes.  And for ice cream, they offer gelato ice cream.  My friend went for quite a number of rounds.

The sitting environment is good.  The tables are not too close to each other.  The ceiling of the cafe is high so you have lots of breathing space.  Looking out of the cafe, it is the beautiful swimming pool in Shangri-la Hotel.

It is a good place for some friends to gather and chit-chat, celebrate someone's birthday, etc.  On that night, there were quite a few groups having birthday celebrations.

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