Thursday, June 4, 2015

Simply Peranakan

We went to Punggol Road End for dinner and a walk on Vesak Day.  Simply Peranakan is located on the end of the 2nd floor of Punggol Settlement.

The outdoor seating offers a panorama view of the Johor Strait.  A pity that the Malaysia side is nothing but a busy port, with all the cargo ships berthing there, and all that industry setup.  Anyway, it still offers a view and a breeze, sometimes.

Fried Mixed Vegetable and Furong Egg

Samba Pomfret

The restaurant claims to offer authentic Nonya food, but then the way I look at it, it is not so authentic.  The sauce for the samba Promfret tasted nothing like Nonya, and the fish itself was a bit too dry too stiff.

The fried vegetables and eggs are quite ok though, but again they lack the sour taste for Peranakan food.

The two of us spent $60 for the three dishes, plus one fried rice, a plain rice and fresh coconut and a sour plum drink.  The service was quite reasonable.

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