Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mind the Weight of Your Luggage

In this modern day of traveling with budget airlines, you have to pay to have check-in luggage.  The amount you pay depends on the weight of your check-in luggage.  For example, you have to pay SGD50 for 15kg of check-in luggage for Tiger Air.

You grumble about the steep charges, but have you ever wondered what is the weight of your luggage bag itself?  I have two luggage bags, both are 24", one is from United Colors of Benetton, the other is from Slazenger.  They are of slightly different shape, but both are made of ABS material.  Just out of curiosity, I weighted both of them.  Guess what, they weight 4kg each!  Just the luggage bag itself, it weights 4kg.  That's 27% of your 15kg luggage quota.  It means you can only stuff another 11kg into your luggage before it goes over the 15kg limit.

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