Friday, March 18, 2016

Sponsor A Child

It is both great joy and great sadness that I received a letter from World Vision Singapore, informing me that the boy that I sponsored in China has completed his high school education, and is now independent enough to leave the program.

When I first started sponsoring him, he was still in primary 4, now he has completed his high school.  So many years had passed.  I am really happy that I am able to make a small difference to someone's life, to give him a potential to lead a better life than his parents.  It feels good to give others hope.

Now that this Chinese boy has left the World Vision program, World Vision Singapore recommended another boy from Sri Lanka as the candidate for my sponsorship.  I think I will just continue with this program.  Maybe I can only offer a little bit help, and I can only help a very small number of people, but it is always better than doing nothing.

If you like to sponsor a child, making some difference to someone's life for the better, you can visit:  Together, we can make a better world for everyone.  

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