Friday, May 23, 2008

Slow Sales at ShutterStock

Laurin Rinder, a veteran microstock photographer, and also a prominent figure in ShutterStock's users forum, recently posted a thread in the forum, complaining about dismal sales growth of his portfolio at Shutterstock.

He has more than 1000 photos at ShutterStock, and his photos are of good stock quality. His normal sales should be a lot more than most of the amateur contributors. He even conducted workshops for aspiring stock photographers to help them improve their stock sales. He is also a reviewer (at least once was) at ShutterStock. So for him to speak up so boldly about dismal sales at ShutterStock, especially after the recent increase in payout rates for photographers, it really means something.

For myself, after the rate hike, sales had been quite sluggish. Maybe it is because Asian such as Singapore had two close public holidays, Labour Day & Vesak Day, then now the Americans are having their Memorial Day long weekend this week.

Indeed something fundamental is quietly changing recently. The old winning tricks do not seem to work as smoothly as in the past. Changes are happening, but I am not very sure what those changes are.

Mmmmh.... Time to do some home work...

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