Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Business Ethics

An unpleasant experience over lunch. We went to a stall with long queue in rainy days. As we wanted to get our food quick, so three of us ordered 3 plates of fried rice.

We waited and waited and waited, our fried rice never came. Looking at the queue, people who ordered their food after us have got theirs, but we were still waiting. I asked the boss, the unfriendly raised his voice and said it takes longer time to cook our fried rice, so his cook prepared other food before tending to our order.

I am quite unhappy with this. Service should be rendered to people who come first. We come to eat at your stall, that means we are putting money into your pocket, we should be treated at least fairly. For food such as chicken rice, or soup, which is already ready to be served, it is understandable that people who come later may be served first. However, for people who order food that requires on the spot preparation, such as fried rice, it is very unfair that people who come later get served first.

The boss of the stall in this case, has no business ethic to talk about. The only thing in his mind is just money, money & money. With such an attitude, I don't think he will gain many customers. At least for me, I won't go back to eat at that stall anymore, as I have been unfairly treated. I am sure I am not the first customer being treated this way, nor the last one. By doing so, that stall owner is just digging his own grave and when the hole is deep enough, he will just fall in and bury himself.

A little business ethic will last you long, without it, that's the path to your own demise.

A note to myself.

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