Sunday, January 24, 2010

Resorts World Sentosa

Four hotels in Singapore's upcoming casino resort had opened their doors to their first batch of customers at Resorts World Sentosa.  Out of curiosity, I went there to take a look.  

To get there by public transport, you can take bus or train to Harbour Front station.  Then take Resorts World Sentosa's shuttle bus at the bus stop outside Vivo City's level 1, lobby N.  When I was there today at around 1pm, there were not many people there, the queue was quite short.  The bus ride is free, but you have to pay the S$2.00 entrance fee to Sentosa Island.

People alighting from the shuttle bus.  Not crowded at all.

Even the car park area is also decorated with lights.  The car park is quite big, with lots of pillars.  I reckon the car park is also the building's foundation, and the pillars are necessary to support the weight.  Sometimes you see strange car park routes, with sudden narrowing of the route.  This car park is even more complex than JB's new CIQ.

Once you enter into the building, you will see the casino in no time.  It does not look like a big casino, but hey, who cares, no way I am going to fork out S$100.00 admission to go in there to lose money. 

A European style dome connects the casino to the escalator leading to the hotels and the shopping area.  Fanciful design.

The escalator also has lighting and special effects.  It gives visitors a dreamy feel.  You feel like living in a virtual world, which is true anyway.

Then this the entrance from the hotels to the casino.  I don't know what is the meaning of an elephant on high heels, carrying a metal pyramid.  Is this another one of those Feng Shui decos to make visitors lose money?  Mmmmh.... Must consult the master first.

The shops along the hotel shopping belt are mostly high class stuff.  If you were a small little poor engineer like me, bet your 1 month's salary is not going to get you many stuff as you would have expected.  Shops are still mostly not ready for business yet, still doing lots of interior stuff.  The few shops already open for business include the world famous Victoria Secret.  Ladies should be happy, they don't have to go all the way to the US to get their underwear anymore.

For the four hotels that are already open for business, there is still lots of work in progress to tidy up the lose ends and final polishing work.  Really don't think it is a good time to stay there at the moment.

Fancy chandeliers at one of the buildings, can't really remember which one.  They are modern yet still retains the old elegance.  Not bad.

I didn't get to go to the Universal Studio theme park, it is still not open to the public yet.  So that's it, my first impression of our first Integrated Resort.  :P

The design concept of Resorts World Sentosa is quite similar to South Korea's Walker Hill.  What is good about Resorts World Sentosa is that at least it still has a Universal Studio theme park for the family.  It is more fun than Walker Hill.  Hopefully it can do better than Walker Hill.

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