Saturday, March 5, 2011

Microstock: A Dark Day

I had mentioned before photos from microstock being used in some unglamorous situations and causing distress to both the photographer and the model.  Never had I thought it would happen to me, but it did yesterday.  My model informed me his photo being used as the cover photo for a book published in the USA.  I thought, that was nice.  Then he told me the book is about the growing up story of a gay boy in Singapore!  My gosh!

I emailed the publisher, requesting to remove that photo from their facebook and, but the request was bluntly and rudely turned down.  Their reply was very much like telling you right into your face that you stupid idiot!

Looking at that publisher's other publications, obviously they specialize in gay-related publications, and I think they are just a small operation.

The book cover is nothing but my stock photo with some words on it.  There is no design to talk about.

This incident makes me think again about using models for microstock.  Both the photographer and the model were paid peanuts but have to endure undue stress.  What should I do?  I have removed all my stock photos with a human face.  You can't tell where your photos will end up.  The creative industry is really creative.

This is a reminder to myself:

Never submit photos with a human face to microstock, no matter what.  You have absolutely no control where the photo will end up with.

For a follow-up on this issue, please see this blog entry

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