Sunday, March 13, 2011

KSL City in JB

There is a new shopping mall just opened last December in JB.  The mall is right behind Crown Prince hotel (Previously mentioned in this blog entry).

The mall has four levels, including a cinema, a not-yet-ready hypermart TESCO, four Hong Kong Tea House type of Char Chan Ting (茶餐厅), a number of DVD shops (you know what), a Tang Shifu too.  The mall is not really quite ready yet, lots of stalls are still available for leasing.

As the mall is very close to Pelangi Plaza, very close to Taman Sentosa, two places frequent by Singaporean weekenders, so I think in the future, it will be another place popular with Singaporeans, when the mall is more well known.

To entice the visitors more, there is a shuttle bus from City Square to KSL mall, passing by Danga City Mall, and Pelangi Plaza.  From City Square to KSL mall is RM1.60, not too bad a choice.

More details of the mall can be found here, including a map to the mall, the major tenants of the mall, etc.    

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