Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fu Lin Yuan Health Soup Restaurant

A friend bought some coupons for four people from a group purchase website recently.  I already one previous experience with group purchase food, which was just so so, so this time round, my expectation was not really high.

The restaurant is tucked in one of the small old-style shop houses in Neil Road.  The setting is quiet and peaceful.

The table setting is very simple, nothing special, but it is clean and neat.

Then came our first dish.  Mushroom with leafy vegetables.

This dish is quite special.  The mushroom is very crispy, and flavour of the sauce has been fully absorbed by the mushrooms.  I think the chef also slightly fried the mushroom so it has a very distinctive taste, waking up all your taste buds.

The other dishes are:

1. Deep fried prawns with salted egg yoke
2. Chili Xiapo (虾婆)
3. Duck and reddish soup
4. Pork Ribs
5. Frog legs
6. Yangzhou Fried Rice

Sorry, guys.  The food was good and we were all too eager to eat rather than taking photos :)

All the food is good.  The Chili Xiapo is spicy and punchy, at the same time, preserving the freshness of the Xiaopo.

Frog legs are good too.  They are very tender and you can tell the freshness the moment they enter your mouth.

Fu Lin Yuan is at 47 Neil Road.

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