Monday, November 7, 2011

Paradize Inn @ NEX - My 3rd Visit

I can't believe it myself, but this is my 3rd visit to Paradize Inn@NEX, and 2nd visit within like 2-3 weeks.

This time we ordered Goby soup with pork and apple.  The soup is not too thick.  Apple adds a bit sourness to the taste.  It is nice!

And the sambal kangkong here is not bad.  I guess it must be the sambal that has added the critical flavour to the dish.  I like the leafy portion, not the stems.

Tofu with century egg is a cold dish that I have never seen before.  The tofu is plain, but once added in the century egg, the taste is complex.  You can even eat the tofu plus century egg plus the wonderful sambal kangkong.

Steamed minced pork with water chestnut and salted egg is another delicious dish.  However, some fat is mixed in the minced meat, so if you don't like fat, you won't like this dish.  Water chestnut is sweet and crispy.

Last but not least, the very sinful kourou bao.  Basically it is super fatty meat with a plain bun.  We only ordered one piece, as I didn't want to take this.  Too much fat for this old man ;P

Food-wise, it is still the usual standard and it is really good.  Service-wise, today is not so good.  The waiters and waitresses hit our hands a couple of times when they walked past, and nobody came over to serve us the soup.

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