Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kam Ja Zhuang Seafood

Kam Ja Zhuang Seafood is a Zi Char stall featured in Channel 8's Sizzling Woks program.  As it is near my work place, so 3 of us went there to give it a try.

Our 'main' disk is the curry fish head.  The curry sauce is not bad, spicy and fragrant.  However, the fish head is quite a disappointment - it is very small.  You dig into that big big clay pot but you don't get much fish head.  Taste-wise I think it is acceptable, portion-wise I think it is a disappointment for S$20.00.

Second dish is prawn with fruits.  The fried prawns are fresh, and taste is nothing to complain about.

The shrimp paste chicken wing is quite plain in taste.  I am not sure whether it is because the spice of the curry fish head has disturbed my taste buds for this dish.  I think its standard is acceptable, but not exceptional.  The meat is slightly on the dry side, not as juicy as it should be, but still ok.

Highlight of the night is actually this simple vegetable dish - samba kangkong (马来风光).  Ok, my Malay is not very good, so people who know Malay please correct the name of the dish.  Anyway, somehow this dish is very different from the same dish I had elsewhere.  It has that special 'punch' in the taste, and wakes you up!  I don't know whether the secret is in the vegetable itself, or the sauce or both!

In terms of environment, the coffee shop was renovated recently, so the lights are bright, environment is pleasant.  Still no air conditioning thought.  However, what turns me off most is there are people smoking in the coffee shop, right in front of the 'No Smoking' sign!

Kam Ja Zhuang is at Block 202, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.   

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