Sunday, January 15, 2012

China 2011 - Day 1: Arriving in Shanghai

Wow... Finally I set off for my 3-week trip to China on 11 Dec 2011.  My flight from Singapore to Shanghai by SIA is at the wee hours of 1.20am.  It is a RED EYE flight, but yet they still charge so much for the air ticket.

I arrived at PuDong International Airport at around 5 plus in the morning.  Hardly anyone in the airport.  By the time I managed to go through immigration and took my luggage, it was already 6 plus.  Just nice the Shanghai Metro starts its first trip for the day.

Heyhey, here is a video I took on the metro from the airport to downtown Shanghai.  Ample space for every passenger, you can do whatever you like.  I didn't know at the time, but later after staying in Shanghai for a couple of days, such an empty train is something to be greatly appreciated.  Shanghai metro is worse than Singapore, they have to pack even more people.

I got off at People's Park station, and started searching for the youth hostel I had booked.

People's Park area is the city center, and very close to the most famous landmark - the Bund.

And I spotted our Capitaland's Raffles Place right at the People's Park metro station, along Fuzhou Road.  It is almost identical to what you have in Singapore, the shops are the same, so it is quite boring for me :)

After quite a while of searching, I finally found my youth hostel, which is quite a bit of distance from People's Park.  It is tucked in one small lane, right next to a wet market.

The place is actually not bad, it is modern and clean, except the room is a bit small, and there is forever a smell in stairs well.  As it is next to the wet market, so sometimes it is quite noisy.  My first night of stay was quite terrible, lots of noise from humans and cars, but then the following night was all quiet and peaceful.

Here is a video of the room.  It is reasonably sized, with attached bath room.  The price is 180 yuan/night, no breakfast or anything else.

Ok, that's for the first part of the day.  Next posts I will bring you to the Shanghai Museum and the Bund, the most famous landmark of Shanghai.

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