Monday, January 23, 2012

The World’s Top 10 Retirement Havens

According to this link, the top 10 retirement havens in the world are:

1. Ecuador 
2. Panama
3. Mexico
4. Malaysia
5. Colombia
6. New Zealand
7. Nicaragua
8. Spain
9. Thailand
10. Honduras

Out of the 10 countries, I have only been to three of them, our neighbours Malaysia & Thailand, and the beautiful New Zealand.  

For retirement, I am not so sure Malaysia is a good choice.  The country's crime rate is high, especially in the wonderful JB.  KL is not much better.  

Thailand is a nice country, but if you live in the cities, especially Bangkok, then air pollution is a problem.  Medical care is another.  Language barrier is another factor for consideration.

New Zealand is the best of the lot, as far as I know.  It has very beautiful natural environment, but then it also has natural disasters, earthquake is common.

For you, where is your ideal retirement country?

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