Friday, January 6, 2012

Lao Ban Zhai 老半斋

Lao Ban Zhai is a famous restaurant for Shanghainese food in Fuzhou Road, Shanghai.  During my recent visit to Shanghai, I paid them a visit in the evening.  Lao Ban Zhai is famous for their Chai Fan, basically it means vegie and rice.  What really is it?  I have no idea, as they only sell Chai Fan for lunch.

I ordered a fried eel noodle and mutton as a cold dish.

Here is the fried eel noodle.  The eel had been first deep fried, and the it is mixed with the noodle in the soup. The eel was quite crispy due to the deep fry.  Overall, I think it was just so so, not very outstanding.  The portion of noodle is small, just 100g.

The mutton cold dish was ok, but again it was not outstanding.  Average is the best that I can say of this dish.

The total cost for these two dishes was close to 50 yuan.  The lady at the cashier was aghast by the amount of food I ordered as if it were too much.  However, it was just as I had guessed, the food was not enough for me :(

At Lao Ban Zhai, you have to first order your dishes at the cashier, pay up, then you will get your 'tickets'.  Pass the tickets to the waitress there then they will bring the food to you.  For cold dishes, you have to go and get them yourself.

Lao Ban Zhai is recommended by some travel guide books, but I personally don't really like it.  Over priced.

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