Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rome Holidays - 2 Vantican Museum

Once we left our luggage at the hotel, we went back to Roma Termini for breakfast.  Roma Termini is a modern station, no hint of ancient or old. There are plenty of shops and eating places around.

Roma Termini

Roma Termini McDonald's

Out of the many choices, my friend chose McDonald's breakfast.  The reason?  Because we could sit down quietly to have our breakfast, looking at this beautiful lady :)

Ok, our first stop:  Vatican Museum.  We took the Metro and alighted at Ottaviano Station.  Be careful, this Metro line is said to have been infected by pick-pockets!  Watch out for your valuables.  Ones we were out of the station, we walked following the flow of tourists.  There were lots of tour guides asking whether you would like to take the Vatican Museum tour.  The cost is roughly 40 euros.  I have no idea whether they were genuine or fake or scam or whatever.  It is too difficult for me to tell what is genuine what is fake these days.

Vatican from Afar

Vatican is a walled city state, the whole place is behind high walls.

Signs of Vatican Museum

High Walls of Vatican

How high are Vatican's walls?  Take a look yourself.  That's what you will see standing right below the Vatican walls.  They are high, and they built Vatican very much as a fortress, with military defense capabilities.

Before I came for this Rome trip, my Italian colleague advised me to buy Vatican Museum's tickets online before hand.  However, I decided to take a chance.  When I was close to Vatican Museum, not even reaching its entrance, I came to know that I had no chance.  The road leading to the museum has a wide pavement enough for two cars, and the distance is miles.  Guess what?  The road was filled with tourists queuing up to buy tickets.  Thinking it completely hopeless, we changed our plan, and headed to the Spanish Steps!  That will come in my next blog post :)

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