Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rome Holidays - 9 The Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

After a good night's sleep, we started our second day of adventure in Rome.  Our first stop was the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.  A papal basilica means it is the Pope's church, and he will grace this church from time to time.  The special thing about this church also lies in the legend that Virgin Mary herself indicated the location for a church to be built in her name.  It was said that she told Pope Liberius this in a dream.   As such, it is a must go place in a Catholic's pilgrimage in Rome.  It is also a jewel in the Christian world of art.

Facade of Santa Maria Maggiore

Inside the basilica, gold is dominant color and its splendid decorations are only fit for a King, and a Pope in this case.

High Altar
Fresco above the High Altar

One of the crown jewels in this basilica is the Sistine Chapel.  Please note this Sistine Chapel is a different one from the Sistine Chapel in Vatican where the conclave is held.

Sistine Chapel

The history and significance of the art works in this basilica is simply overwhelming.  If you are interested, you can have more information at this link.  They provide comprehensive information about the basilica's history, and the significance of many of the art pieces in the basilica.

Almost as a papal symbol, an obelisk is standing right behind the basilica.

Obelisk of Santa Maria Maggiore

The Roman Catholic Church is one great organization.  It managed to amass large amount of master pieces of art, backed by tremendous wealth with contributions from her hundreds of millions of followers worldwide.  The success of the Catholic Church should be a case study for every MBA program in the world!

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