Friday, October 11, 2013

Rome Holidays - 6 Piazza Navona

Bidding farewell to the massive Pantheon, we turned into a small alley, and being greeted by some interesting person.

Unknown Statue

A gentleman with sword in one hand, and with a globe on the other.  He looks like a warrior, and a hero, but too bad I don't know who he is.

Fountain of Four Rivers

At the next turn, you could already see the gigantic Fountain of Four Rivers standing right in the middle of Piazza Navona.  This is a place where my guide book described as where pick-pockets and tourists rubbing shoulders.

The center of attention no doubt is Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Fountain of Four Rivers.  The obelisk surmounted by a dove is the representation of papal power, the four muscular men each represents a continent and the representative river of that continent.  When I was touring the piazza, I actually didn't know which man represents which river, but then as fate had it, I photographed two of them, I had been to one, while the other represents the continent where I am from.  Nothing is coincidence in this world!

Ganges for Asia

The Nile for Africa

The fountain was unveiled in an era where exploration expanded people's understanding of the world.  New territories had been found, colonies had been established, the gospel had been spread to the new frontiers.  It was a brand new world, an era of excitement, just like we are now in the era of internet, which makes this world much smaller, people much closer, despite physical distances.  We are lucky to live in such an exciting age!

There are many restaurants & cafes around the piazza, you can sit down for a sip of coffee or a hearted meal.  However, it is said that the price can be high for such entertainment :).  

A View of Piazza Navona

There are also a lot of street artists setting up stalls in the piazza to sell their paintings and art works.

It is also a place which is closer to modern Roman's life.  In a nearby alley, you can even find something like a weekend market where you can shop for your grocery.


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