Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Sunday Times Invest Seminar 2015

This is again the time for The Sunday Times Invest Seminar.  This year the seminar is still held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  Early in the morning, the reception area of the grand ballroom was already filled with enthusiastic participants.

As the seminar is a collaboration between The Sunday Times and DBS bank, the panel of speakers were from these two institutions.

Mr Lim Say Boon was at the seminar last year, and he was present for this year as well.  He shared his view on the world stock markets, what to expect going forward.  We are now climbing a wall of worries as the real economy is doing less than satisfaction while the stock market has been going up up and up.  Stock valuations are no longer dirt cheap although there are still spots of good values.

The other speakers also gave some interesting view points and for some, you might not get them so straight forward and direct from the main stream media.

This seminar is definitely something you should consider attending next year.

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