Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeling Bored

Today is the 5th day after my surgery. I spent the first two days basically sleeping most of the time. The pain & the pain killer made me drowsy. Then the next two days watching movies, TV series. Now, on the 5th day, I don't know what better things to do.

I have already resumed my home-study course, but it is quite heavy in content. You can't really do it all the time.

I have already made sure I have photos in the queue waiting for approval at all the sites that I submit to.

I have run out of ideas of what movie/TV series to watch. It only reveals to me how boring our movies & TV series are. No, I am not watching Prison Break or Lost or CSI whatever, or Hero. They make me fall asleep.

The books at home are all somehow technical in nature. Reading any one of them requires some studying efforts, which I don't enjoy doing at this moment.

Mmhh.... maybe I should start day-dreaming... :P

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