Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring 2010 Milan Trip - Part 1: Flight to Milan by SIA

In the past, there was no direct flight from Singapore to Milan.  To get there, you had to stop-over somewhere depending on the airline you traveled with.  It was a great hassle as many people lost their luggage during transits.  Now finally there is a direct flight from Singapore to Milan by SIA.  There is no more transit nightmares, the travel time is shorter, it is so much better.

Our flight, SQ378 to Malpensa airport, Milan, took off at around mid-night Singapore time.  The moment we were up in the air, the captain immediately announced we were expecting some turbulence ahead, which we did.  The turbulence lasts for quite some time.  After our first meal, the seat belt sign was on, and it remained on for almost half of our flight time. 

SIA's service has continue to go down over the years.  After the first meal, nobody from the crew bothered to offer any food or drinks to anybody until our 2nd meal.  Everytime that I needed a drink or something, I had to go to the galley to ask for them.  It was quite different many years ago that the stewardess would walk around, offering drinks and snacks, or instant noodle to passengers from time to time.

On my flight back, I asked for a cup of instant noodle, the reply from the steward was great.  We ran out of noodles :(

So much so for the deteriating service of SIA.  The timing of the flight is good.  You depart from Singapore at 2345 hours, you arrive in Milan's Malpensa airport at around 630 hours.  You can still have a full day for your activities. 

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