Saturday, August 27, 2011


After two long months of waiting, finally the show is up, but I was late.  I was late for the show for 5 minutes, and was refused entry, temporarily, for about 10 minutes.  Lucky.

If you want to know more about Equus, you can check it out at this wiki link.  What I will write here is my personal experience about the show.  Once I got seated, I was bombarded by smell of hair shampoo from the lady on my left, and the smell of deodorant from the hunky guy on my right.  Throughout the show, I was intoxicated by all that chemical smell.

That aside, let's get back to the play itself.  The plot is simple and predictable.  In conclusion, the message the play wants to pass to its audiences is that: religion teaching to young people harms their normal sexual desire, may cause sexual anxiety and malfunction.  The message is simple, isn't it?  You don't need 2 hours of play to just get that message through.

As it is a play, so there is a lot of talking, lots lots of it.  Talk until I almost fell asleep.  There is no catchy word for you to remember, or to wake you up.  The stage setting is simple and you can tell it is a shoestring type of production.

The main actor, Ethan Chia Han Sen, has quite a number of minutes of full frontal nudity scenes towards the end of the play.  He has a perfect body that every man will envy, while every woman would crave for.  Kudos to his courage to do it for the sake of art.  You can find an article about him here.  And also an interview from with Ethan.

Other than the full frontal nudity, there is little to praise about this play.

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