Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outback SteakHouse

I bought a 'good' deal from, a Singapore company specialised in getting good deals, for a set lunch at Outback Steakhouse at Millenia Walk for S$18.80, instead of S$38.80.  It sounds really like a good deal, as the discount is more than 50%.

We arrived there at around 12 o'clock noon, and there was hardly any customer there.  That explains why they specify that the deal is only valid for lunch.

Included in our deal is a set lunch, which is not in the menu.  If we top up S$5.00, then we can get Tuna, or Black Pepper Steak, or Salmon, and so we decided we would top up to get the black pepper steak.

Ok, now comes the fun part.  I looked at the menu, the Tuna is at S$22.xx, Black Pepper Steak at S$25.xx.  Then where is my 50% savings?  Ok, I guess the soup and salad were not free if you ordered the Black Pepper Steak only.

Somehow on that day, the chef probably has a preference of salty stuff.  The Caesar salad was a bit on the salty side, probably due to the cheese they used, and the black pepper steak (in bite sizes) was also on the salty side.

Overall, it is not really a good deal.

Price wise, we saved on the service charge + GST (which were included in the S$18.80 price), and the cost of the soup and salad.

Taste wise, our Singapore version of the Outback is quite a far standard away from its American peers.  Ok, the American standard also varies from my limited two time experiences with them.

Conclusion:  Probably I will not patron Outback anymore.  

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