Sunday, May 17, 2015

Xin Yue Modern Chinese Restaurant @ UE Square

I bought this S$40 Xin Yue voucher for S$22.80 from Groupon.  They are said to provide modern Chinese, and Cantonese in particular, cuisine.  

The restaurant is located at the back of UE Square, facing Mohamed Sultan Road.  They have both indoor and outdoor dining areas.  We arrived on a Saturday morning, around 11.30am without a reservation.  The usher informed us that all the table in the indoor dining area was already fully booked, she could only accommodate us in the outdoor area.  In addition, we needed to finish by 12.15pm, as she needed the table back by then.

Service from their manager/senior staff was actually quite prompt and professional.  However, their junior staff were a bit loss, their service was slow and chaotic.

Crab & Prawn Noodle, $16.00

The first dish that came was crab and prawn noodle.  It was strange to serve the noodle first considering we also ordered some dim sum items.  Anyway, the noodle had a decent taste, my friend didn't complain.  On the contrary, sang some praises for it.

Prawn Cheong Fun, $5.80

Scallop Cheong Fun, $5.80

Next came the two cheong fun dishes we ordered.  The cheong fun itself was a bit sticky, not as smooth as silk.  The prawns were big, but the scallops were hard to find.

Custard Buns, $5.20

The custard buns were not bad.  I would give it at least a pass.

Double-Boiled Lobster Soup, $7.80

Last but not least, the shark's fin dumpling with lobster soup.  You need to wait for around 20 minutes for this dish.  Taste-wise, I think it was good, but then nothing to rave about.

We finished our lunch by 12.20pm, a bit behind schedule but they didn't come and chase us out.  It took a very long time for us to pay our bills.  My friend didn't check the bill carefully, and they charged us appetizer which we didn't take.  Luckily it was just $1.00.  In total, we spent $58.38.

Overall, I think the experience was not too good.  Service was chaotic in general, and the food was on the expensive side.  Most importantly, you don't really enjoy the dining experience.  For the price, probably it is better for those dining on business, but the experience doesn't match that occasion well.

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