Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ipoh Lou You Bean Sprout Chicken Rice

Noticed this shop at Bishan Junction 8 is always very crowded and hard to find a table.  Finally last Sunday we managed to get a table at a less crowded time.

I ordered the one person set meal.  It consists of a bowl of chicken rice, a small plate of Ipoh bean sprout and steamed chicken.

The bean sprout is different from the bean sprouts that other chicken rice stalls use here in Singapore.  Their bean sprouts are shorter, but a lot more 'fatter'.  The feel is quite different when you bite them.
The chicken is nicely done.  For those who don't eat chicken skins, it is a pity, as the chicken skin is like jelly, crispy yet tender.

The one person set meal costs S$8.50.  Comparing with the famous chicken rice in Bishan, I think they each have their own good points.  It is hard for me to tell which one I like more.  They are both good!

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